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Ravenala is located on the picturesque Caribbean Island of Bequia, part of Saint Vincent & the Grenadines. Due to their location and the lack of international airport, these islands are relatively untouched from masses of tourists making it a truly authentic Caribbean destination. The islands of the Grenadines are serviced by small inter-island travel; by plane, ferry and water taxi's

Inter-Island Flights

Barbados to Bequia Daily Flights:

There are 2 direct scheduled flights per day between Bequia and Barbados, which take roughly 50 minutes. International arrivals should arrive around 1 hr before your inter-island flight to enable you to make the connection in time.

Barbados to St. Vincent Daily Flights:

For a bigger range of flights it is possible to fly from Barbados to the island of St. Vincent on LIAT AIRWAYS. Then it is simply a short ferry ride to Bequia - a great way to see the island, and Admiralty Bay from the water.

International Flights

Barbados is by far the most popular airport to fly into, due to the large number of connecting inter-island flights available. Arrival times into Barbados also allows convenient onward connections throughout the Grenadine Islands.  However, it is also possible to travel to Bequia from St. Lucia, with direct flights available, or from Grenada via St. Vincent, as well as Puerto Rico, Martinique and Trinidad.

Ferry Service

There are regular Ferries between St Vincent and Bequia, and the other Grenadine Islands...

Admiralty Transport >
Last ferry 4:30pm (Mon - Fri) 7:00pm (Sat + Sun)

Bequia Express >
Last ferry 6:00pm

Jaden Sea >
Slightly faster new service for traveling the Grenadines